Green Living Porcelain Cookware

We transferred from Arizona to Texas. But, our family goods did not keep AZ for almost 30 days. We tried in which to stay lodges but with a child, that did not last long! Therefore we requested if they’d be ready to fund some requirements in place of a hotel. They agreed and we went to Walmart.

We found air beds, disposable recipes, and several toiletries. Then we went to the kitchen section. Whenever we got to the cookware fence, we looked at our options. We decided to check out the porcelain cookware. You will want to? We have never tried it before and it only needs to last till our family goods come pannen keramisch. Therefore we chose Green Living porcelain cookware. It got in a 12 item set (pots, skillets, lids, and utensils).

In all honesty, I did not have plenty of belief this porcelain stuff will be that great. I have used stainless steel (love), copper (love but WAY also expensive), throw metal (good for camping), teflon (not so much but great in a pinch), stoneware (love but nothing readily available for stove), and some unknowns. I decided this is merely another fad. What can porcelain offer that I did not have with another possibilities? But hey, everything deserves one try. Therefore we bought it.

And am I happy we did! They’re excellent!


* dishwasher safe

* child evidence

* heats up rapidly – We actually burned our first order of scrambled eggs as it heated up so quickly.

* cooks food consistently

* non-stick – Virtually non-stick. Our burned scrambled eggs slid proper off. We did not have to wash it down or anything. We only included more eggs and gone up with our breakfast.

* moves from oven to oven with no issue


* If porcelain gets chipped, the pot/skillet is rendered unusable. With a crack, processor or bend in the porcelain, then your porcelain will not heat evenly.

* Unsure just how much “beating” it can take. Up to now, however, it’s encountered our toddler.


And soon you learn the time for heat, start off using reduced heat and increase slowly as needed. This is specially the situation for sauces and recipes that want herbs/spices to impress to the food. To ensure that that to take place, the dish must cook slowly and at a reduced heat. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure and alter heat consequently since the porcelain heats up quickly and gets hotter than “typical” pots/skillets.

When the cookware is not used, you will have to be sure that it generally does not get chipped/cracked within the cabinet. Save the cardboard inserts from your field and utilize them to put in involving the pots/skillets. This will help keep the porcelain from getting damaged.